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Teaching with Technology

Make the most of your instructional capabilities through educational technology and become an instructional leader.

You are already experiencing the success students have with technology helping them achieve their academic and personal goals, so it is no wonder it is being heavily incorporated into the education system. In fact, 84% of teachers are using and implementing technology in the classroom. Involving technology is a great way to encourage learning in our children. Technology-based teaching allows teachers to expand their abilities and their classroom experience  all while reaching students on a personal level.

Anna Maria College’s Master of Education program is tailored to prepare teachers to effectively incorporate technology into instruction. Specifically their Master of Education Instructional Design and Technology*.

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To better align our program with its curricular content, we have renamed the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction to “Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology.” The program’s degree requirements remain the same and the course structure is unaltered.