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Emergency Medical Services MPA Specialization Overview

Master of Public Administration

EMS officers including those with supervisory, management and leadership responsibilities are indispensable and fundamental to the delivery of quality patient care. As demands for emergency medical services in general continue, so do the demand for leaders of those groups. Currently, EMS officers must not only understand EMS systems and operations, they must be skilled in people management and motivation, technology, finance, planning, problem solving and teambuilding. Most importantly, they have to know how to manage complex systems in times of change and crisis.

Anna Maria College’s Emergency Medical Services specialization of the online Master of Public Administration provides an advanced understanding of the management side of EMS and leadership positions. The MPA graduate degree will teach you how to conduct research, think critically and articulate complex concepts and positions. An MPA with an Emergency Medical Services specialization is perfect for those who seek to advance their understanding of the management of EMS and those who are seeking a leadership position.

Specialized Training for Advancement

Our robust curriculum is committed to justice, citizenship and service in the study of pre-hospital care and EMS leadership. Through rigorous coursework, you’ll gain an understanding of ethically sound and evidence-based leadership training by utilizing modern management best practices.

Advance in Key Roles

Turn your credentials into a career. With specialized Emergency Medical Services knowledge and skills from AMC, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to obtain high-profile roles.

First-Rate Faculty

Anna Maria College’s Emergency Medical Services professors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience directly to you, straight from within the field. Discover new EMS practices and gain an understanding of the most effective effective management and leadership skills available today.

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