Technology Trends for Emergency Management

Advanced technology has changed many facets of our everyday lives. From smart technology to a network of devices such as Internet of Things, we use it in more ways than we often assume. In fact, 65% of American adults use social media in some form, which is almost 10x the volume previously reported in 2005. We are quickly adopting new tools that can greatly affect our community, but how does this abundance of technology influence emergency management?

Emergency management leverages advances in technology that positively impact response and recovery efforts, improve warning systems and mitigate damage caused by unexpected crisis. In this video, explore how cutting-edge tools and ideas are positively impacting the emergency management industry; find out how professionals are creating resources for understanding complexities and developing advanced solutions for our communities. Also, learn how an Emergency Management MPA Specialization degree can provide the skills and knowledge needed to implement new technologies, promote safer communities, and establish new emergency systems for the public.

Learn more about the future of emergency management with Anna Maria College’s newest video: “Technology Trends for Emergency Management”.

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