Education for Firefighters: Why It’s a Priority

A degree in fire science can further open doors of possibilities for firefighters. The challenges facing today’s firefighters on the job, within the community and in the marketplace make it imperative that individuals seeking a long-term career in this industry continue their education.

Putting out fires is not the only job description for the modern firefighter. Instead, today’s firefighter spends as much time studying fire, handling hazardous materials and reviewing counter-terrorism strategies. Our firefighters are the first responders to a number of emergency and disaster situations, with each scenario requiring a different knowledge base and set of skills. Today’s firefighter may one minute be called to rescue a child who has fallen through the ice and in another instant be called to a suspected gas leak. From widespread emergency medical care to environmental protection, firefighters are handling a wider variety of duties and tasks with on-the-job training and no margin for error. Practical and theory based knowledge is paramount.

Consequently, many fire departments around the country are more and more expecting new recruits to enter the field with a broader understanding of fire science , EMS solutions and the ability to quickly integrate and learn new skills.

Considering the surplus of applicants looking to enter the fire services industry, more departments are actively recruiting cadets with a college degree. Completing your bachelor’s degree in Fire Science will help you stand out from those candidates who only have a high school diploma, GED or associate’s degree. Promotional opportunities are also better served for those with degrees earned at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Anna Maria College provides current and future firefighters the opportunity to study online and earn a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science from one of the few FESHE-recognized online fire science programs in the country. Earning a fire science degree online from Anna Maria College is a convenient and cost-effective approach to heighten your knowledge and training, allowing you to prominently stand out and advance as a firefighter.

Find your leading edge and become an advanced skilled firefighting professional through our convenient and flexible distance learning format. Learn more about Anna Maria College's online Fire Science degree program or call 877-265-3201 to speak to a Program Manager.