Anna Maria College Fire Science Student Testimonials

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Hear from some of our online Bachelor of Science in Fire Science graduates as they share about their experience at Anna Maria College and how the program has helped them in their careers and lives.

During my time at Anna Maria College, I benefitted the most from the research and report writing skills I gained. When I submitted my Senior Seminar II Disaster Recovery Plan project to the Ohio Fire Academy (OFA) Superintendent, it was taken to the State Fire Marshal and the Chief Deputy Marshal for review. It ends up the Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office will be updating all of the different division’s Disaster Recovery Plans using my plan as the primary format and model.

Patrick Beckley
BS Fire Science Graduate

AMC’s B.S. in Fire Science program has increased my knowledge and allowed me to apply what I've learned to my current position. The most beneficial part of the program is the interaction with the instructors and students.

Fred A. Mitchell, Jr.
BS Fire Science Graduate

The instructors and course material related to the fire service proved to be most beneficial. This includes all faculty members who would provide a quick response to any questions I had along the way. My advice to incoming students is to stay on top of the assignments and read the course syllabus carefully. Manage your time wisely and utilize the weekly instructor notes in the lesson plans. I would recommend Anna Maria College for any fire service professional. The lessons learned in the past three years have been a life changing experience for me. My hat goes off to all staff members involved in the fire science program.

Cliff Cardin
BS Fire Science Graduate

The Anna Maria curriculum has directly impacted me in my current position as an Assistant Fire Chief in a most positive way. I can and have applied much of the material I have learned each and every day. It truly has made a big difference in advancing my abilities and perspective in a number of ways. Thanks Anna Maria! You will enjoy the learning opportunities available at Anna Maria College. The faculty and staff have been most helpful. Enter the program with a ‘ready to actively listen and participate’ mindset and you will expand your horizons. It will be most rewarding as you advance. The feedback given by the professors is critical throughout each course and the assignments.

Brent L. Christopherson
BS Fire Science Graduate

Fire fighting as a profession is starting to rely more and more on higher education. Many fire departments outside the civil service system are looking more at education and credentials when hiring entry level firefighters. In the promotional process, higher education is even more important. Many departments require higher education degrees as a condition of being promoted to a higher rank. The promotional process in my department relies heavily on education, even though experience and years of service are also part of the process. With Anna Maria College, having the ability to do your class work on your own time is probably the most beneficial to me. With my busy work schedule, it would be impossible for me to make a commitment to driving to a classroom once or twice a week. When I was working on my associate’s degree, I was in a traditional college program where I went to school at night. The college only offered a few courses in my degree program a semester. Consequently, I was only able to take two or three courses a year because of the school’s schedule. This put my two year degree into a four year. My advice to incoming students is to give it a try. I have had many coworkers and family tell me there is no way they can do online courses. They have to participate in traditional learning environments – that is the only way they can learn. I had the same reservations. After trying a similar program through the Massachusetts Fire Fighting Academy, I realized how easy it was to participate in an online classroom environment.

David Greenwood
BS Fire Science Graduate

The most beneficial part of the fire science bachelor’s program was the ability to use what I was learning immediately in my current job and interacting with students across the country through the online program. I advise incoming students to possess self-discipline, perseverance and a commitment to personal growth. By investing in yourself, you will add value to others.

William R. Anderson
BS Fire Science Student Graduate