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Take it from me—a mother, a working nurse, and a community volunteer—returning to school is worth the effort. If you are worried about stress and time, I have some advice that will help you succeed in your online course!

Let’s face it; if you are taking a journey towards your four-year degree, you will have to take some sort of professional writing course. Why not take a chance with Professional Writing 307?

That’s me! I had just finished climbing up the 821 wooden-stair, steps of the Kaymoor Miners Trail, at the New River Gorge National Park, of West Virginia. You basically go down and back up the entire mountain side. The first part of the wooded trail is rocky but well cleared. Then if you’re brave, you continue your descent on 1,000 plus wooden stairs and switchbacks to where the coal rail cars are kept by the railroad tracks.

That’s my daughter navigating her way through the rocky ascent of the Kaymoor Miners Trail, at the New River Gorge National Park, of West Virginia. Finding the right online RN to BSN degree program can be just as challenging as negotiating the rocks of this mountainside trail.

One calendar, one binder, and one week at a time is how I managed my online courses with Anna Maria College. Best advice is to pace your classes to suit your schedule and lifestyle. Be honest with yourself when considering your weekly hours of employment, other family member schedules, hobbies, rest, sleep, exercise, and downtime. Earning an online BSN degree will provide you with plenty of accredited busy work, such as reading, researching, and paper writing (did I mention APA formatted paper writing).

Are you embarking on a degree and haven't quite figured out if online learning is the right path for you? I’ve been there and done that, and here is what I've learned and experienced as an online nursing student.