Success Tips for Online Nursing Classes

Take it from me—a mother, a working nurse, and a community volunteer—returning to school is worth the effort. If you are worried about stress and time, I have some advice that will help you succeed in your online course!

First and foremost, cut yourself some slack. Really! You can do it! Not everything in your life has to be perfect. Put aside your obsessions and compulsions about keeping every room in the house neat! Instead, turn your spare bedroom into your space, so you can focus without distractions.

Speaking of distraction turn off the smart phone and break away from your email and social media for a short period of time. Technology sure can create a constant interruption. Every time you are alerted by a beep, a vibration or a flashing image you may feel compelled or drawn to attend to that distraction. This can waste valuable time.

Delegate household tasks. There is nothing wrong with insisting that your partner takes out the trash or folds the laundry. If you find your house in utter chaos, let it go; you will eventually get to it.

Keep your priorities in mind. Make a mental list of what is most important in life. For example, maybe you want to make sure you are available for you children when they get home from school. So—do your course work while your kids are in school. As soon as it is four o’ clock, close the books!

There is something to be said about mind over matter. Don't insist that you have 14 college courses left to complete; instead, say you only have 7 semesters to go. I feel better already, don’t you?

Log in to your class as soon as you can the first week. Knowing what is expected of you from the very beginning can help you to create a schedule that keeps you on the right track.

Stay focused on your educational goals and don’t get behind. Procrastination is your worst enemy. The best way is to study your class weekly content and don’t brush off your homework until tomorrow. Instead plan ahead and set goals. It’s easier to manage projects when they are broken down into chucks.

You may have a lot of silly fears keeping holding you back from getting your degree but just power through it! And if you are still overwhelmed with the idea of online learning, just take one class at a time. Taking that one class may just be just enough to empower you to continue with your goal.

Take it from me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just give yourself some credit.

About the Author

Megan Wachsmuth, RN

Megan Wachsmuth is a devoted mother, working RN, lactation consultant, and community volunteer who is earning her online RN-BSN degree at Anna Maria College. She has ten years of nursing experience as a neonatal nurse in a busy community hospital in Wilmington, DE. Empowered by learning, she will complete her degree in the Fall of 2017.