What I Have Learned and Experienced as an Adult Online Nursing Student

Are you embarking on a degree and haven't quite figured out if online learning is the right path for you? I’ve been there and done that, and here is what I've learned and experienced as an online nursing student.

The virtual classroom offers flexibility. I have taken traditional classes and have enjoyed the interaction with the instructors and students; however, after taking my first online course at Anna Maria College, I WAS HOOKED! Online learning offered me the convenience of studying on my own time and at a pace that fits into my hectic work schedule and busy family life.

Online learning has taught me about motivation and how to be a self-directed learner. WARNING: You can only get out what you put into it. The success you achieve during your college experience will be proportional to the quality and quantity of the effort you invest in your course work. Be a critical thinker, read a lot, and write well. Believe me; your classmates will appreciate a concise and well-written discussion post.

One important tip that I learned the hard way is that computers are prone to problems. Before you get started gather the contact information about Anna Maria tech help. Someone is always available to help and answer your questions. Secondly, always back up your work on to a G drive or memory stick. There is nothing worst than losing your hard work.

From my experience, I have learned to manage my time. While you are in school, you will want to set up a schedule and plan for every major project, life event, and daily routine to ensure your success. For me, I have created the habit of doing homework during the weekdays, and then I have devoted my weekends to online postings and projects. Sometimes I’m lucky and finish all my coursework early Sunday mornings. I gladly close the books and spend the much-needed quality time with my family because they deserve it!

Last and most importantly, I have learned that a course syllabus is your guide—maybe even your best friend. Read your syllabus often and understand the course requirements, due dates, and grading rubric. Oh—and one more thing—don’t forget to email your instructors if you have questions. I assure you that they will return your emails. Anna Maria instructors are as devoted to your education as you are!

Online learning has both its advantages and its challenges, but so does life in general. Strive to find the routine that works best for you and then just follow through. In no time your education will be complete, and you will be empowered by what you have learned and accomplished.

About the Author

Megan Wachsmuth, RN

Megan Wachsmuth is a devoted mother, working RN, lactation consultant, and community volunteer who is earning her online RN-BSN degree at Anna Maria College. She has ten years of nursing experience as a neonatal nurse in a busy community hospital in Wilmington, DE. Empowered by learning, she will complete her degree in the Fall of 2017.