Why Professional Writing 307 is a Must Take Class in Nursing

Let’s face it; if you are taking a journey towards your four-year degree, you will have to take some sort of professional writing course. Why not take a chance with Professional Writing 307? It might sound painful, especially if writing is not your niche, but I am here to tell you that this class is worth your time and will forever change the way you communicate and think. Professional Writing 307 was my first college course at Anna Maria College. Needless to say, I wasn't so sure I had it in me to write—and then have the ability to write well. If the truth were to be known, I found writing to be a bit of chore until I really settled into this class (Please don’t tell the professor!). I quickly realized that writing was something I was going to have to face week after week, especially if I was going to be an online student.

Admittedly, I surprised myself how much ground I covered after taking this course, and I realized that I really don’t mind the challenge. Professional Writing 307 taught me how to become an analytical thinker. I learned how to streamline my writing so I could deliver a well-focused message to my professors and classmates. I quickly noticed that I was scrutinizing myself over clarity, simplicity, and the tone of my papers. It was actually making a difference in how well I processed my thoughts. Sometimes my ideas even revealed themselves into new more intellectual points-of-view.  Amazing, right?

So here is one tip that I learned from my professional writing course that will help you as you plunge into your course work and share your thoughts with your class. Turn your weekly post into a conversation by simply making an emotional connection with your readers. In fact, you might find that you get more engagement from your class when you offer messages that paint a picture of how you feel. Often I will find that you can do this by adding a few extra words because after all stating the bare facts is just plain annoying!

This course for me was my gateway back into the world academia. It has opened doors and multiple opportunities for me to take on leadership roles within the community and at work. I have even made a little pocket change on the side for some blog writing. Professional Writing 307 ultimately taught me how to communicate effectively through the medium of language.

Go ahead and take a chance; add Professional Writing 307 to your next class schedule. Before you know it, you, too, will be writing like a professional.

Best of luck, classmates! Oh…and happy writing!

About the Author

Megan Wachsmuth, RN

Megan Wachsmuth is a devoted mother, working RN, lactation consultant, and community volunteer who is earning her online RN-BSN degree at Anna Maria College. She has ten years of nursing experience as a neonatal nurse in a busy community hospital in Wilmington, DE. Empowered by learning, she will complete her degree in the Fall of 2017.