5 Non-clinical Nursing Jobs

Although many positions in nursing involve a clinical setting, nurses aren’t limited to just that environment. Some nurses would rather work in a non-clinical setting for its flexibility in terms of responsibilities or because it simiply coordinates better logistically.

Fortunately, there are plenty of non-clinical positions available, especially for those who've earned a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). These professionals have the advanced education required for non-clinical nursing jobs like these.

Healthcare Writer

Patients feel more empowered than ever to seek out healthcare information on their own. They tend to gravitate toward healthcare sites that are written by those with experience and education, and editors at these sites value writers who possess the subject matter expertise and can explain complex medical topics. You might write articles, blog posts, news bulletins, essays or chapters in academic textbooks. There are also companies that produce content like quizzes and materials for nurse education programs, and they look for nursing professionals to collaborate in those tasks.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Attorneys employ nurse consultants to help interpret medical records and serve as expert witnesses. These roles are offered to those with higher levels of education like a BSN and give nurses the opportunity to blend an interest in legal proceedings with a healthcare background.

Nurse Educator

When looking at non-hospital nursing jobs, a nurse educator position can be hugely appealing. Nurse educators with a BSN offer training and insight to RNs and LPNs in a variety of settings, including community health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations and medical device companies. Many nurse educators decide to be self-employed and do work on a contract basis, giving them much more schedule flexibility and control over their career paths.

Patient Advocate

Within a hospital setting, potential non-clinical nursing jobs can include case management, risk assessment and quality improvement. You can also be a patient advocate, which still gives you a direct connection to patient care but at a higher level of responsibility.

Healthcare Recruiter

With the strong demand for talented healthcare professionals comes a need for savvy recruiters. Experienced, educated nurses are ideal for this role because they are able to understand the nuanced, complex terminology of healthcare. They are also adept at spotting people who would fit into specific teams or healthcare leadership positions.

Online Nursing Jobs

Can you work from home and still do nursing? Absolutely — if you have an internet connection. Online nursing jobs include a wide range of roles, from case manager work to nursing informatics analysis. Because of the array of web tools available, you can even lead a nursing team or teach online nursing courses, all from your home computer.

These type of nursing jobs also tend to come with higher salaries than what RNs might expect in clinical settings. Whether you're looking for non-clinical jobs or simply want to have a much wider array of options for the future, becoming a bachelor degree nurse can greatly expand your opportunities.

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