Nursing Jobs Outlook for RN-BSNs in the Next 10 Years

Although industry growth in nursing is resulting in a strong job market, the next decade promises to see even more of a boom.

As the general population ages, healthcare access increases and experienced nurses retire, job opportunities for nurses  is expected grow in a range ofsettings. From senior living to home healthcare services, jobs for healthcare professionals will be dynamic and evolve in the next 10 years.

BSN degree nurses will earn 11% more than associate degree nurses and 32% higher than diploma peers. This is especially true for RN-BSNs who  have the education needed to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

In terms of career areas to watch, here are some fast-growing specialties that are predicted to keep getting stronger:

Acute Care

In recent years, demand for experienced acute care nurses has increased considerably in both rural and urban settings. As healthcare facilities expand, more opportunities arise for nurses with expertise in acute care who can care for patients with complex needs.

Registered nurses with a BSN will have a wide array of job options in acute care, such as an education or administrative position.

Nursing Informatics & Home Health Care

Another area that blends communication technologies together with health science is nursing informatics, which focuses on utilizing large amounts of data for better patient care. New telehealth services and digital health apps are rolling out constantly, and nurses are recruited to provide healthcare insights on these platforms.

Because they are web-accessible, these technologies allow nurses to work from home while caring for patients who may be thousands of miles away. Telehealth nurses are increasingly considered essential for care coordination and patient support and offer nurses far more flexibility in scheduling.

Home healthcare services are also becoming more prominent and creating new options for working from home. Nursing jobs in home healthcare are expected to grow 33 percent in 2016-2017 alone.

With an education that focuses on community nursing and exposure to multiple specialties, nurses can use informatics to streamline healthcare security, serve patients better and reduce medical errors.

More Education, More Opportunities

With so much industry growth and expanding jobs for healthcare professionals, many RNs are likely looking ahead at their careers and thinking about next steps. Obtaining a BSN degree broadens those opportunities.

In all areas of healthcare, particularly those that will be more prominent in the next 10 years, a BSN degree will help you progress. In some cases, a BSN may be the minimum education requirement for entry into certain nursing jobs.

Fortunately, an RN today doesn't have to step off a career path to get the additional education needed for a BSN degree. For example, Anna Maria College offers an online RN to BSN program with a nursing-centric curriculum and no on-site clinical component. Your real-world experience as an RN allows you to bypass the traditional internship, and you learn from top nursing professionals.

With a BSN, you'll be well positioned to move into some of the top jobs in the industry — now and for years into the future.

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