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MARY LOU RETELLE: The founding principles of the Anna Maria education was an excellent education, an affordable education, one with principles of career preparation, and one with innovation in education.

LORI FARRAR: The mission of AMC is to nurture a student so that they're able to go out in the world and be well-respected.

MARY LOU RETELLE: They bring both the presence of the commitment of advising and in-class instruction along with that career enhancements and present-day practices.

CHRISTINE HOLMES: And they work really hard to make sure that the students feel like individuals, respected individuals within that learning environment.

JUDY KENARY: Even though the students are studying online, we work very hard here at Anna Maria College to have a direct line with the faculty. We have a direct line with the students.

CHRISTINE HOLMES: The community is very important because in any learning environment, be it face-to-face or online, a student can get isolated, and it's easy for that to happen. But our teachers are very well aware of the importance of community.

MARY LOU RETELLE: What students walk away with is a sense of a strong education and preparation in their chosen career.


Anna Maria College is a private, not-for-profit, Catholic liberal arts institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Founded by the Sisters of Saint Anne in 1946, our programs integrate liberal education and professional preparation that reflect the respect for liberal arts and sciences education grounded in the traditions of the Sisters of Saint Anne—educational innovation, service to others, and access to a quality education for all.

In addition to the various undergraduate and graduate programs and courses offered at our campus in Paxton, Massachusetts, we offer undergraduate and graduate programs online to reach the most diverse group of students possible. Our online programs mirror the close-knit nature of our campus community, with small class sizes that allow for mentor relationships to develop between faculty and students.

To learn more about Anna Maria College, you may visit our on-campus website.