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From arson to the spilling of hazardous materials, a disaster can strike at any moment. The online Bachelor of Science in Fire Science completer program from Anna Maria College provides you with vital knowledge for obtaining a leadership position in fire service and related fields.

Earning our B.S. in Fire Science can also help you stand out to employers. After all, Anna Maria College was one of the first schools to attain FESHE recognition from the U.S. Fire Administration. As such, you will take innovative courses that meet excellence standards set by FESHE professional development committees and the National Fire Academy (NFA).

In addition to offering a FESHE-recognized fire science degree online, Anna Maria College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. This accreditation signals the quality education you'll receive in our online program.

Ladder Up Your Fire Service Skills Online

It is crucial to obtain advanced study and training to efficiently and effectively provide protection and respond to emergencies. Anna Maria College's online fire science degree program allows you to complete your studies whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. Earning your FESHE-recognized fire science degree online will help you build a strong foundation in the technical aspects of firefighting, fire dynamics, and hazardous materials.

You will also develop professional and managerial skills, increasing your understanding of legal issues, ethics, service, and the psychological effects of emergencies. As a result, this B.S. in Fire Science program equips you with the knowledge and competencies needed to propel your career to the next level.

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JUDY KENARY: AMC's mission is very significant and prevalent throughout our curriculum. Carrying a social mission and social justice and protecting communities is really one of the forefront roles of a firefighter.

They'll learn about how to better manage their leadership skills, the delegation skills, and the human resource skills. Job roles that a graduate could achieve are becoming a fire chief, being involved in their community as a fire investigation.

I describe AMC faculty are ones that are very active within the community, within the state, within the nation. And some are active globally. Close to 100% of the fire instructors are actually fire chiefs, retired fire chiefs, with graduate and advanced degrees. They're well-versed in educating students online. They have high standards of academics. And we really want to make sure that they are going to be able to pull out the best within our students.

FESHE stands for Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Recognition. We worked very hard to align our courses along with their core expectations. So we're acknowledged and recognized as being a state-of-the-art program.

There's somewhat of a perception that if you're an online student, you really are not connected with the facility. We work very hard here at Anna Maria College to have a direct line with the faculty. We have a direct line with the students. We have a tremendous amount of resources that we offer the student to be successful.

I as the dean take it really personally that the students do really well. And if I've had a conversation with a student that's just starting this online journey, an educational journey, I'll call them after their first class directly to say, hey, how you doing? There's no room for error in fire science and Anna Maria College prepares you for that.


Faculty from the Front Lines

What makes the best online fire science degree? The experience and expertise of faculty.

With our FESHE-recognized B.S. in Fire Science online program, you can build relevant skills by learning from experienced fire service leaders. They have served on the front lines and will share their expertise in combining practice and theory. Because each course takes place online, you will capitalize on our faculty's expertise at the location that works best for you.

In our online fire training program, you'll learn from a diverse and experienced faculty of fire services professionals. Benefit from their expertise and network with classmates nationwide.

Obtain the Skills for Advancement in Fire Services

Discover an exciting, interactive curriculum designed to provide fire service professionals and leaders the most current industry information. The online courses in our B.S. in Fire Science program will prepare you to:

  • Understand the federal, state, and local regulations within the field of emergency services
  • Enhance written communication and media relations
  • Recognize the expectations and qualities for managing human resources
  • Identify provisions for community risk reduction
  • Acquire knowledge in proper fire scene investigation and interpretation
  • Design disaster planning strategies

What Can You Do with a Fire Science Degree?

The online fire science bachelor's degree will arm you with the knowledge you need to fight fire hazards, protect your community and advance your firefighting career. Our online program also provides training that will help you obtain an advanced fire services role, such as:

  • Fire chief
  • Fire investigator
  • Fire marshal
  • Fire prevention educator
  • Fire service trainer
  • Other prominent roles in fire safety and protection fields

These are just a few of the careers available for fire science graduates. Visit the fire science career outlook page for more information about the jobs you can pursue after completing Anna Maria College's FESHE-recognized B.S. in Fire Science program.

The Accelerated Master's Degree: Continue Your Studies to Also Earn an MPA

Earn your master's degree in less time and for less money! While earning your bachelor's in fire science degree online at Anna Maria College, you may have the option to complete up to three graduate-level courses during your final year of study. Once you earn your bachelor's degree, you can pursue a Master of Public Administration (MPA) with nine credit hours already completed. This gives you an option to finish the MPA program in only a year.

This unique opportunity will significantly reduce the time required to earn this online master's degree. And because the tuition of the nine master's level credits is billed at the bachelor's level rate, this option also reduces the total expense of the master's degree. Click here to learn more about the Fifth Year Option.

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Learning Outcomes


The mission of Anna Maria College's B.S. in Fire Science program is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to lead the fire and emergency services profession. After you finish this FESHE-recognized program, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend, analyze and discuss a broad range of fire science concepts
  • Demonstrate the leadership skills expected of fire service professionals
  • Conduct a thorough and legally defensible fire investigation
  • Address the impact of fires and emergencies upon the community

Learn more about the program's mission, goals and educational objectives outlined by Anna Maria College.

Fire Science Admission Requirements

The fire science degree online accepts students who:

  • Earned an associate degree or have 60 transferable credits from a regionally accredited institution
  • Have a ProBoard/IFSAC-certified Fire Fighter I/II certification if their associate degree or completed course work is in a discipline other than the fire sciences
  • Possess a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better

Note: For B.S. in Fire Science students, transcripts with transfer credits from other institutions will be posted but will not appear on the Anna Maria College transcript until three Anna Maria College courses are successfully completed.

Use the contact details below to learn more about the admission requirements for Anna Maria College's online fire science degree program.

Be Led by Leaders

Commit to making a difference in your community through vital skills taught by top fire science professionals. Click here to learn more about the online Bachelor of Science in Fire Science degree or call 877-265-3201.

Anna Maria College was approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to participate in SARA and became a SARA institution in 2021. At this time, only California is not a member state. If you reside in California and are interested in taking an online class at Anna Maria College, or you want more information about our participation in SARA, click here​.