Anna Maria College Online Admissions FAQs

See below for frequently asked questions regarding our school, the admissions process and student online information. If you have a question that is not answered below, please call us at 877-265-3201.

Is financial aid available?

  • Yes, financial aid is available for those who qualify. Our staff will help you receive all of the assistance to which you may be entitled, and a Program Manager will be happy to take you through the application process and answer your questions. For more information, visit our Financial Aid page.

What are some benefits of earning my degree online?

  • Earning a degree from Anna Maria College online offers increased flexibility and convenience. The online format allows you to access your courses at any time of the day or night, allowing you to study and complete assignments around your personal and professional schedule. In addition, you may be able to complete the program more quickly than in a traditional part-time, campus-based program.

    The geographical diversity of the online student body also offers many benefits. The diverse perspectives from your fellow students living in other parts of the country or even the world contribute to an enriching learning experience. You’ll take the same courses that are available on campus – online, anytime!

Is Anna Maria College accredited?

How can I request more information?

  • For more information and to have a Program Manager contact you, click here or call us at 877-265-3201.

What career experience does the Anna Maria College faculty bring?

  • Anna Maria College is committed to teaching excellence. Our full-time and adjunct faculty members have decades of practical career experience and are committed to increased and ongoing interaction focused on teaching and learning. Several of our faculty members have been appointed to advisory boards and task forces in their selected fields. They are a live network of industry professionals with practical knowledge to share.

How do online courses work?

  • In online courses, students attend class by accessing the virtual classroom through our learning management system called Engage. Just like in a traditional course, students complete and turn in assignments—which might include readings, writing a paper or completing a special project—according to a class schedule. Students are required to communicate regularly with the instructor and participate in discussions with classmates in the online forums.

Are Anna Maria College's online programs available anywhere?

  • Anna Maria College offers our programs within the United States and internationally. Anna Maria College was approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to participate in SARA, and became a SARA institution in 2021. At this time, only California is not a member state. If you reside in California and are interested in taking an online class at Anna Maria College, or for more information about our participation in SARA, click here.

Do I have to be online at a certain time each day or week?

  • No, the program is asynchronous, but you are required to turn in assignments according to the schedule set by the instructor and to log in to the online classroom several times per week. You can choose the day of the week and the time of day or night you want to log on to the internet to work on an assignment, but you must complete your assignments and turn them in (through Engage) by the deadline. Some classes may have several due dates each week; others may require work only once per week.

Are all of the programs fully online?

  • All of our degree programs offered through Anna Maria Online are 100 percent online with no on-site residency requirements. Online students earn the same respected degree as students who attend the on-ground campus programs.

What types of support are available to me?

  • We know that earning a degree online can seem daunting. We offer several types of support to our students to help them throughout their Anna Maria College experience all the way through to graduation, including:
    • Program Managers to assist with your application and ease your transition into the program
    • 24/7 tech support
    • Writing support through the Student Success Center
    • Academic advising from faculty
    • Guidance from your dedicated Student Services Coordinator to encourage your continuous enrollment

How do I get started?

  • Call us toll-free at 877-265-3201 to speak with a Program Manager or fill out our information request form and we'll call you.

When are bills due?

  • If payment is being made with the assistance of Financial Aid, all documents must be submitted to the financial aid office with loans secured one week prior to your first day of classes.

    All other forms of payment must be in place with payment made for classes one week prior to the beginning of classes. If no payment or payment plan is in place by the tuition deadline, students will be dropped from the class. More information on this can be found on our Tuition page.

What are my options for tuition payment?

  • There are three options to pay your tuition. Be sure to include your Student ID:
    1. Pay using a check or money order by mail to:
      Anna Maria College
      50 Sunset Lane
      Office of Business Affairs
      Box R
      Paxton, MA 01612-1198
    2. Pay online at in a number of ways:
      • By making an ACH payment - electronic check. Please have your bank account and routing numbers available when making your online payment.
      • By using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Credit cards are for online use only as we do not accept credit card payments in the Business Office.
    3. By using our deferred payment plan by making monthly payments through Tuition Management System (TMS) at In order to enroll, please note that if you are in an accelerated program, you must be enrolled in both sessions in order to utilize this plan.

    More information can be found on our Tuition page.

Can I use any type of check for an electronic check payment?

  • No, we only accept checks from a regular checking or savings account. Checks issued from credit card companies, money market accounts, home equity or other lines of credit cannot be processed as an electronic check payment. These checks, however, can be mailed or paid in person to us. If mailing, please ensure that the student ID is included.

How can I receive a receipt for my payment?

  • You can receive a receipt for payment by one of two ways:
    • For mailed payments - mark the check box for receipt on the statement sent to the Business Office with your payment. The mailed payment should be sent to:
      Anna Maria College
      50 Sunset Lane
      Office of Business Affairs
      Box R
      Paxton, MA 01612-1198
    • For online payment – after entering payment information you will be prompted for an email address where a receipt will be sent to your online account at

Should I make a payment even if I did not receive a tuition bill?

  • Yes, you are responsible for the balance of your tuition account even if you did not receive a bill. You may also view and print your tuition bills and make payments online 24 hours a day.

How do I access my online account?

How can I find out my username and password?

  • We can help you recover your user name and password. Just complete and submit the assistance form by clicking on the Forgotten Password tab at

Does Anna Maria College have a payment plan?

  • Yes, you may pay monthly through Tuition Management System (TMS) interest-free monthly payment plan. The TMS plan allows you to pay all or part of your educational expenses in monthly installments. You may use the TMS plan to pay your balance after financial aid or in conjunction with a loan. For more information, log on to the TMS website at In order to enroll, please note that if you are in an accelerated program, you must be enrolled in both sessions in order to utilize this plan.

What is the last day to withdraw without penalty?

  • The last day to withdraw and receive a full refund of payment is five (5) business days from the start of the class, i.e., by 5 p.m. (EST) Friday. All refunds are subject to a $40 administrative charge.

If I anticipate a credit balance on my account due to Financial Aid, what are my options?

  • Refunds are processed and sent automatically. If you have any questions, contact Jessica Sabourin at or 508-849-3425.

How can I receive my credit balance?

  • Once all the funds are received and posted to your account, your credit balance will be available within two weeks. You may opt to receive your refund through direct deposit. This can be set up through our online billing at Or, receive your credit balance via check.

    Please contact Jessica Sabourin at or 508-849-3425 if you do not receive your refund after two weeks of being available.

If the pending or disbursed financial aid on my statement does not match my award letter, what should I do?

What is "Pending Financial Aid" noted on my bill?

  • Items under the heading of Pending Financial Aid are monies that the College has not yet received. Most of these items require action by the student before the funds will be disbursed to the billing statement. They include the Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, Plus Loan, State Scholarships, Pell Grant, MEFA Loan, and other loans and outside scholarships. As payments are received from loans and scholarships, credits are applied to the tuition statement. If you have questions about your pending financial aid, call the financial aid office at 508-849-3366.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact a Program Manager at 877-265-3201 or fill out a request information form.