Online Programs and the Flexibility it Provides

Ever since I decided to go back to school I have found that I prefer the online classes over sitting in a classroom. In the classroom, there are always people that would rather talk than listen, and I find that very distracting- not to mention the constant noise from different cell phones. With the online curriculum, it is easier to find a quiet place in which to study.

The online classes at Anna Maria fit into anyone’s schedule. Not having to be online at any specific time is great because we all lead busy lives in one way or another. You can sit down and really concentrate on what you need to get done at your leisure. If you are like me, you have nights that you can’t sleep. The online curriculum lets you get your work done at 3 am. It gives you the flexibility to get other things done without worrying about getting to school on time.

The discussion boards give you a chance to get feedback from your fellow students, and hearing different opinions can really give you a different perspective on any subject. I have benefitted greatly from that myself, particularly in my degree concentration of Fire Science. There are many students that are at different stages in their careers and can offer views that reflect that. The instructors are also at varying positions within the fire department and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge.

When I started the accelerated program I was used to taking five classes at a community college at a time, throughout a full semester so I mistakenly thought taking two classes over an eight week period was going to be easy. I strongly suggest that you take the one that the college recommends in this case. It is far too much work and time involved to really get everything done to the best of your ability and can be overwhelming. The one class is much easier to keep up with. This way you can devote all your efforts to the one class and your work will reflect that.

Everything is clearly stated online, days your assignments are due, what is expected of you and you have your syllabus and course schedules at your fingertips. Your instructors are just an email away and are accessible to you whenever needed. I have found that they get back to you very quickly and are always willing to help you. Every single one of my instructors have been very professional.

In my opinion, I am very glad that the rest of my classes are online. My computer and tablet are just as portable as I am, and it gives me the opportunity to travel and still keep up with my work. I’m not in any way limited as to where I need to be at any given time. I really enjoy the freedom that it offers me.

About the Author

Doreen Quigley

I have been a student at AMC since 2015. Majoring in Fire Science. I hope to continue after receiving my Bachelors degree and get my Masters.