One Year Masters Program in Public Administration

One Year Masters Program for Fire Science Undergraduates 

The new Accelerated Master's Degree option at Anna Maria College is helping students earn online master's degrees in less time and with less expense thanks to an innovative way to combine undergraduate and graduate study.

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in Fire Science at Anna Maria College have the option to "upgrade" three classes during their final year of study to master's-level courses. Once they earn their bachelor's, students can then go on to pursue a Master of Public Administration with a Fire Science Management specialization with three courses (nine credit hours) already completed. This unique opportunity will dramatically reduce the time required to earn this online master's degree.

In addition, the Accelerated Master's Degree option makes an online master's degree from Anna Maria College more affordable. Tuition for master's-level credit hours is typically higher than the cost of bachelor's-level credits. However, tuition for the nine master's-level credit hours earned during undergraduate study as part of the program is charged at the bachelor's-level rate. The cost to earn the bachelor's degree in Fire Science stays the same even though three classes come from the master's degree curriculum. Earning the master's degree will then cost less because nine credits toward the master's degree will have been paid at the bachelor degree rate.

To qualify for the program, students must have earned at least 90 credit hours toward their Bachelor of Fire Science degree with a 3.0 or higher grade point average (GPA). Students will then work closely with faculty advisors to choose which master's level courses to take.

For more information on the Fire Science program at Anna Maria College and the Accelerated Master's Degree option, click here.