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What Can I Do with a Public Administration Degree?

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Master in Public Administration (MPA) degrees provide educational foundations for managerial and leadership positions in the public and non-profit sectors.

Today, one of the career features most demanded by soon-to-be graduates is the possibility of making a real impact in the world — of influencing people and inspiring positive change. This is no different for those currently in public service roles and an advanced degree is often a key credential required to move into a managerial role of impact and influence. For these individuals, a graduate degree in public administration offers the tactical and strategic leadership skills needed to influence local and regional change while opening the door to many roles in non-profit, public and private sectors.

1. Local, State, and Federal Government Public Administration Careers

A Master in Public Administration (MPA) degree is commonly associated with leadership positions in public services that could span roles impacting the military, emergency services, law enforcement, public transit, public works, education, social services and healthcare. MPA careers in the public sector are highly sought after, particularly because public administration jobs offer opportunities to influence and create noticeable change within our communities. MPA graduates often work in fields such as:

  • Fire Service Administration
  • Emergency Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Education and Administration
  • Fiscal Planning
  • Human Resource Management
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Urban Planning and Development
  • Utilities
  • Public Works

Public administration graduates are also well-positioned to consider service in political careers such as a congressperson, senator, mayor, governor or cabinet official. These positions all require ample experience researching, understanding, and drafting public policy; skills which are developed as part of a public administration education.

2. Non-profit and NGO Careers

Non-profit companies and non-government organizations are integral for influencing and creating positive change in the public sector. Public administration graduates who elect to work in this sector provide their services to organizations devoted to supporting public missions and philanthropic groups.

Social welfare organizations are prime examples of employment opportunities in this industry. Institutions like AARP and YMCA seek out those with a master’s degree in public administration to assist in policy development and department management.

Local chambers of commerce look to individuals with public administration skillsets to lead local groups and organizations to community success. Here, MPA graduates can work closely with private and public sectors, researching existing public policy and working with local business owners to create new policies to benefit the economy.

Universities are always looking for experienced public administration graduates to train a new generation of dedicated workers. The demand for this field of knowledge continues to grow, and many colleges are looking to expand their public administration programs. At Anna Maria College (a non-profit university), faculty members are highly recognized leaders in public administration and many still contribute to their fields today.

3. Private Business Careers

Public policy impacts more than individuals; in fact, businesses are increasingly overlapping with public policy especially in terms of social responsibility. In response, organizations of all kinds are looking toward business-focused public administration graduates for information and help navigating their business through changes in political, technological, economic and social policy. Public administration graduates like these are often called upon to act as lobbyists who can influence lawmakers on behalf of companies that require government aid to continue their business.

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