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Online Bachelor of Science in Fire Science

Because Public Safety is Your Priority

From arson to the spilling of hazardous materials, a disaster can strike at any moment. The online Bachelor of Science in Fire Science completer program from Anna Maria College provides firefighters the vital knowledge to obtain a leadership position in fire service and related fields. It is crucial to obtain advanced study and training in order to efficiently and effectively provide protection and deal with emergencies. Gain a strong foundation in the technical aspects of dealing with firefighting, fire dynamics and hazardous materials while developing professional and managerial skills, and an understanding of legal issues, ethics, service and the psychological effects of emergencies.


Faculty from the Front Lines

Our online B.S. in Fire Science courses are taught by experienced fire service leaders who are true fire services educators. Gain knowledge from these top professionals and network with classmates nationwide.

Flexible, convenient and affordable, our online B.S. in Fire Science allows you to complete your coursework around your current job and personal life. A minimum of 60 credits is required to start this program.

Obtain the Skills for Advancement in Fire Services

Discover an exciting, interactive curriculum designed to provide fire service professionals and leaders the most current industry information. Our online B.S. in Fire Science program will prepare you to:

  • Understand the federal, state and local regulations within the field of emergency services
  • Enhance written communication and media relations
  • Recognize the expectations and qualities for managing human resources
  • Identify provisions for community risk reduction
  • Acquire knowledge in proper fire scene investigation and interpretation
  • Design disaster planning strategies

The online B.S. in Fire Science degree will arm you with the extra knowledge you need to fight fire hazards and protect your community. Gain the skills to help you obtain an advanced role, such as:

  • Fire chief
  • Fire investigator
  • Educator
  • Other prominent roles in fire safety and protection fields

Read more on the market demand, statistics and fire science career outlook.

The Accelerated Master’s Degree: Combine Your Studies and Also Earn an MPA
Earn your master’s degree in less time! While earning a bachelor's degree in Fire Science at Anna Maria College, you have the option through AMC’s 5th Year Option to upgrade three classes during your final year of study to master's-level courses. Once you earn your bachelor's degree, you can then go on to pursue a Master of Public Administration with a Fire and Emergency Services specialization with three courses (nine credit hours) already completed. This unique opportunity will dramatically reduce the time required to earn this online master's degree. Click here to learn more about the 5th year MPA Option.

FESHE-Recognized Program

Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Premiere Recognition

Anna Maria College was the first school in the country to be awarded Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) recognition for developing a state-of-the-art Bachelor of Science in Fire Science program featuring FESHE National Professional Development Model core courses as standard. The FESHE mission is to “establish an organization of post-secondary institutions to promote higher education and to enhance the recognition of the fire and emergency services as profession to reduce loss of life and property from fire and other hazards.”

The distinguished and knowledgeable faculty at AMC developed the required courses to meet the model curriculum, the professional development matrix, International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) professional development recommendations and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.  The courses are continually evaluated and modified to keep them relevant to today’s fire and emergency services needs. They will assist you in applying advanced skills to day-to-day responsibilities as well as lay the framework for future professional development and promotion. 

Learn about the significance of FESHE standards. Anna Maria College is also regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, one of six academic regional accreditors throughout the nation.

FESHE Certificates of Completion

Successful completion of FESHE courses will be acknowledged by the National Fire Academy with the issuance of a FESHE certificate of completion per FESHE-recognized course. These certificates are beneficial to students as resume builders, possible EFO candidacy and potential waivers for graduate courses.

To receive a certificate of completion, the student needs to obtain or register for their Student Certification Number from FEMA and fill out this application form (questions #1-11 & 18) for each course. Be sure to write in the FESHE course code instead of the AMC BSFS course number.

You can find a list of the BSFS courses and their respective FESHE course codes here.

You must then mail these forms to Lori Farrar at 50 Sunset Lane, Box H, Paxton, MA 01612 where she will have them signed by the Dean or Program Head and then submitted to the NFA Admissions Office. Upon processing, the certificates will be directly mailed to you by FESHE at the end of each course.

Learning Outcomes

Learn more about this program’s mission, goals and educational objectives outlined by Anna Maria College.

Students should expect to spend approximately 17-20 hours per week on coursework in each 3-credit 8-week online course. Coursework can include reading, viewing PowerPoints, watching videos, completing assignments, taking exams, working on projects, writing essays, and participating in weekly online discussion threads.

View Anna Maria College credit hour policy for online courses.

Be Led by Leaders

Commit to making a difference in your community through vital skills taught by top fire science professionals. Click here to learn more about the online Bachelor of Science in Fire Science degree or call 877-265-3201.

We are authorized to offer our online programs in most areas in the U.S., but are still awaiting full approval from a few select states. To determine if you are located in a state in which Anna Maria College is authorized to confer an online degree, please visit