Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice Career Outlook

Prepare for Success in Law Enforcement and Beyond

Whether you are just starting your career or are ready to advance, earning an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice can set you up for long-term success in law enforcement, corrections and more. Anna Maria College delivers the industry-focused knowledge you need to stand out to employers and qualify for promotions, salary increases and new career paths.

Throughout your bachelor's degree program, you'll develop your communication skills, gain a deeper understanding of relevant social issues and build strong leadership competencies. You'll graduate as a trained expert who is prepared for the demands of the modern criminal justice field and ready for a variety of professional opportunities.

Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Jobs

Pursuing bachelor's-level education will help you become a versatile professional with in-demand expertise you can apply in a wide range of positions.

Possible jobs for graduates include:

  • Border patrol agent
  • Conservation officer
  • Detective
  • Forensics assistant
  • Law enforcement officer (local, federal, state)
  • Probation officer
  • Special agent

Criminal justice graduates are employed in settings like the court system, corrections, law enforcement and government agencies. Depending on your chosen career path, you could work in:

  • Forensics labs
  • Local, federal or state government offices
  • Police departments
  • Prisons
  • Private detective agencies
  • Security consulting firms

Job Outlook and Salary: Launch Your Criminal Justice Career

Employment outlook in criminal justice is strong. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 51,700 new police and detective jobs are projected to be added to the market through 2030, and the median salary for detectives and criminal investigators is $86,940. Overall employment of police and detectives is projected to grow 7% through 2030.1

Annual salary data for jobs outside of police work is included below:

  • Conservation officer: $44,6672
  • Corrections officer: $41,2733
  • Forensic technician: $49,2164
  • Private investigator: $58,749 5
  • Probation officer: $44,5716
  • Security manager: $71,1547

Meet Your Professional Goals

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