Potential Career Opportunities with an MPA Degree

There are many reasons someone pursues a master’s degree. I am willing to bet however that ninety five percent of the time it’s to pursue a specific career or advance within an organization. Likewise, there are many reasons someone would choose the MPA program at Anna Maria College and any of the specialization tracks that go along with it.

The reasoning behind why I chose the MPA program is because of my interest in local government administration as well as politics in general.  The reason I chose the emergency management track is because of where I live in a coastal region prone to natural disasters. The reasoning for choosing an MPA and a certain specialization track may vary however the career opportunities are abundant.

With an MPA you can choose to pursue careers such as city manager, police or fire commissioner/chief, emergency management, journalism, private sector management positions, nonprofit management, human resources, public affairs, public policy, public budgeting and finance and city or county government administrative positions. Each of those careers can be rewarding and exciting. You should explore the various choices and decide what is right for you. Interacting and connecting with classmates and instructors can help with deciding your career paths.

For some specific examples, I have a few friends that have completed MPAs. Some of them pursued an MPA to further their careers as firefighters and police officers to obtain higher up positions such as commissioner or chief. A few them also had desires to become emergency managers. I also have a friend who now works for the USDA in Washington, D.C. Other friends wanted make themselves more marketable as they pursue careers as politicians. I have a family member that used an MPA to work for a major U.S. bank. For me personally, I currently work for the United States Postal Service and although I am only half way through the MPA at Anna Maria it has already made me more marketable for higher up positions within the postal service. Those positions and opportunities will grow even more once I complete my MPA.

Anna Maria College has a solid reputation amongst employers and the MPA program is no different.  The MPA program at Anna Maria is certainly popular and known within the emergency response field be it firefighters, police, ems or emergency management. It is also well known amongst politicians and various government officials.  Online programs seem to flood our TVs, radios and social media pages these days but with Anna Maria you have a strong and reputable institution that’s not a gimmick or for profit like other online programs. With the MPA specifically you have a respected program with respected and excellent faculty. Many opportunities will present themselves during your pursuit and following your completion of an MPA from Anna Maria. At the end of the day, no matter which opportunity you choose, you will be prepared and ready for your future career.

About the Author

Greg Jones

I am an online MPA student close to finishing my first year at Anna Maria. I love everything about my Anna Maria experience. Anna Maria makes learning at the graduate level challenging but very enjoyable. Outside of school I am a big sports fan, movie watcher, and "foodie"!