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MPA Online General Track Overview

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Prepare for Advanced Public Sector Roles at the Leadership Level

Professionals in the public administration field analyze information, oversee expenditures, draft and implement governmental and public policy, manage people and resources, conduct safety inspections, investigate suspected criminal activity, serve as consultants, and in general act as stewards for the public interest. Public administration professionals also help government agencies and private organizations meet the ever-changing needs of the general population. Fortunately, Anna Maria College’s General Track MPA online program focuses on the skills and knowledge required of public sector leaders.

Become an effective, recognized leader within the public sector with the General Track of the online Master’s in Public Administration online. This track will offer you maximum career flexibility with high-income opportunity thanks to the growing demand for administrators equipped with a public sector management degree.

Taught by a renowned faculty of professionals with real-world experience and expertise, the General Track MPA online program will help you develop the skills necessary to provide leadership in the public sector. As you progress through Anna Maria College’s master’s in public administration online, you’ll obtain in-depth skills required to succeed in an advanced public sector role. Some of the public management skills you’ll learn and develop throughout the program include:

  • Analyzing and implementing policy
  • Making strategic budgeting decisions
  • Driving organizational transformation
  • Effectively communicating with the masses
  • Predicting how items directly related to policies will be affected after their execution

Program Details

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General Track MPA Online Curriculum

This specialization includes a powerful core public administration curriculum paired with diverse training in public sector management at local, state and federal levels.

Available specialization courses include:

Focuses on the resolution of a variety of potential conflicts in the public sector including intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup and intergroup. Emphasizes analysis of alternative dispute resolution, negotiation and arbitration.

Covers the development, structure and status of labor unions in the United States. The course examines management attitudes toward the bargaining process, the evolution of labor legislation, government policy toward labor management relations (i.e. changes in the composition of the labor force, white-collar organizations soliciting bargaining units).

This course provides a thorough grounding in the theory behind successful management practices, but also shows how theory works in the real world to assist in: providing community leadership; working with the governing body; promoting the community’s future; managing people, money and information effectively; implementing policy; raising productivity; evaluating programs; and working with other organizations to achieve your goals. The course also points to the human side of professional government management.

Curriculum Details

What Can You Do with an MPA Online Degree?

With the advanced knowledge obtained through the General Track, you’ll have the credentials to help obtain a variety of roles in the public sector. Whether your goal is to become a public sector executive or work on the front lines, there’s no end to the number of careers you can pursue with a Master’s in Public Administration online degree. Here’s a small sampling of the high-level roles you can pursue after completing Anna Maria College’s online General Track MPA online program:

  • Chief Development Officer
  • Public Works Director
  • Community Development Manager
  • Social Service Administrator
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Learn from Public Sector Experts

All of these in-depth courses are delivered by professors recruited directly from the field and rich in real-world public administration experience. These thought leaders and world-class educators often have experience in holding the high-level leadership positions you seek and can offer essential career advice.

Impactful MPA Specializations

Professions within the public sector reach far and wide, across many industries. Anna Maria’s online master’s in public administration offers the choice of diverse specializations that give you critical knowledge in your specific area of interest:

Public Administration, MPA: Fire and Emergency Services

Combining foundational management development with an in-depth study of fire and emergency services administration, this specialized degree is a highly valuable credential for aspiring fire and EMS leaders.

Public Administration, MPA: MPA in Homeland Security

Students in the Homeland Security online MPA program will learn how to anticipate, prevent and react to situations that threaten the safety and security of the nation, including attacks by foreign and domestic terrorists.

Public Administration, MPA: Emergency Management

The Emergency Management concentration integrates the study of emergency management skills and techniques to produce graduates who are capable of leading during times of crisis.

Public Administration, MPA: Criminal Justice

Current law enforcement officers seeking career advancement or professionals looking to enter the field will gain valuable criminal justice leadership skills that the top agencies and law enforcement departments are looking for.