AMC’s Online MPA Program and the Increased Fexibility it Provides

I would first like to commend you into looking at the online programs that Anna Maria College offers. I have been an online student with Ann Maria for just under four years. I am a firefighter in MA and the schedule that I work almost makes it impossible to attend classes on campus. Anna Maria’s flexible online program has allowed me to obtain my bachelor’s degree last December, and I am currently working on obtaining my masters degree.  

The benefit of online learning for me is beyond convenience. I have found that the online environment is more beneficial to my learning style. If you are motivated and enjoy online interaction such as social media sites, email, and other interactive means, you will find that online learning will be the right choice for you. Below is a list that will better portray how AMC’s online program allows for the flexibility of its students.

  • You can log into Engage, Anna Maria’s online learning platform, 24 hours, 7 days a week. The Engage platform is very reliable. I can honestly say that I have not had one issue logging in. Navigation is also very user friendly. Periodically maintenance upgrades are performed. These updates are posted on the home page well in advance and are completed in the early morning hours.
  • The flexible schedule is extremely helpful if you are balancing your education with work and family life. Most of the time I work on my assignments after my wife and children are in bed. The flexible learning schedule allows for me to log into the online learning platform well into the night.
  • The flexibility of AMC’s online program allows you to network with classmates from a wide array of backgrounds and locations. Every class that I have taken has had individuals from other parts of the country. This is a great way to learn how other organizations operate.
  • You will enhance your ability to communicate effectively through the latest technology. Anna Maria has recently launched a new app for Engage. The app alerts you when a new grade is added, when your instructor posts a course announcement, or when you receive a new email. You can also compose messages to your instructor and classmates from within the app. This is a great new tool that I use almost daily.
  • Student support services coordinators and staff. The student support services coordinator that is assigned to you will help you throughout your degree. I have reached out to my student support services coordinator and other staff many times during my four years. They are always quick to reply and happy to help.

I wish you well in your academic endeavor.


About the Author

Adam Strome

I have been employed as a firefighter in the Town of Danvers for just under 8 years. I completed my bachelors degree and I am now enrolled in the Masters program. I plan to complete my degree this year.