Maie Armstrong

Maie Armstrong

Maie Armstrong is a Civil Engineer and Public Works Employee from North Carolina. Maie has worked in engineering for over 10 years and she is very keen on designing, developing, consulting, reviewing, and speaking about high quality public service and environmental guidelines while familiarizing herself with the financial and managerial issues involved in Public Administration. Her experience spans across several states and two countries.

Collaboration is an essential skill. Online groupings present unique challenges. You have the normal stresses of group work such as pairing with unresponsive members, poor work quality, and not doing work at all.

It isn’t exactly easy to determine what graduate school will be for each person. Let’s just say it is continued learning with a swirl.

If this is your first online program, start out small. Avoid overwhelming yourself with a full course load. Just take one online course during a semester to get a feel for how it all works and how well you like the program.

First and foremost you should understand one thing; an MPA is for the nonprofit sector, not private. If you are interested in the private field go for an MBA.