Fire and Emergency Services MPA Specialization Overview

Master of Public Administration

For those seeking an executive role in fire and rescue services, advanced credentials are now becoming the new norm. With greater competition for top positions, the Fire and Emergency Services specialization of Anna Maria College’s online Master of Public Administration can help you stand out amongst your peers. Combining executive leadership development with specialized courses in fire safety and EMS administration, the Fire and Emergency Services MPA from Anna Maria College will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the complex challenges facing today’s public safety professional.

The topics you’ll explore as you progress through the Fire and Emergency Services MPA curriculum include:

  • Current and emerging trends in fire service delivery
  • Leadership in the fire service industry
  • Labor management relations
  • EMS and fire department customer service

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High-Level Degree for High-Level Roles

Many fire and rescue professionals with advanced degrees hold high-level roles such as Fire Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Battalion Commander and more. Although some fire departments and emergency services agencies will consider applicants who only have a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree for administrative positions, master’s degrees are often preferred among Commanders, Fire Chiefs and other high-level positions.* Advanced degrees might also soon become an absolute requirement for holding such positions. With Anna Maria’s Fire and Emergency Services MPA, you’ll be equipped to meet current and future requirements of Fire Chiefs, Executive Training Officers, and other high level administrative positions.

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Faculty from the Front Lines

Anna Maria College’s Fire and Emergency Services professors bring front line experience to the classroom. You’ll gain knowledge and network with top educators in the industry. Among our distinguished Fire and Emergency Services faculty are Chief Fire Officers, National Fire Academy instructors, and the former President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. These highly experienced professionals are part of the reason why Anna Maria College’s online Fire and Emergency Services MPA is among the best fire administration degree programs in the country.

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