New Roles Mean New Career Options for Emergency Managers

Emergency management isn’t what it used to be. In fact, prior to 9/11 many city and county governments didn’t even have a full-time emergency manager on staff, leaving emergency and disaster response in the hands of police and fire departments. However, as technology has advanced, populations have grown, and the challenges of living in a global society have heightened, a more comprehensive and overarching approach to emergency management has emerged.

The result is a faster, more community-based level of emergency response that combines and coordinates the efforts of all emergency personnel and community resources, including fire, police, and medical response teams. The new approach to emergency management has also sparked the need for qualified emergency planners, emergency service coordinators, and leaders trained specifically in emergency management theory, which all translates to outstanding career opportunities for individuals who have the ability to prepare for and manage natural and man-made disasters.

An online MPA with a specialization in Emergency Management from Anna Maria College is designed to give current and future public safety personnel the cutting-edge education and training needed to coordinate and deploy the vast array of new disaster response resources available. The degree can help open doors for career opportunities as dedicated emergency managers or in other high-ranking public safety positions. The convenient online format is ideal for students looking to enter the workforce with the highest emergency management degree, or for working professionals who want to rise to the top of this rapidly growing and critically important field.

In today's competitive landscape, an online master's degree in Public Administration with an Emergency Management specialization can give your career an invaluable edge. To learn more about the MPA Emergency Management Specialization programs call us at 877-265-3201 or visit us online at

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