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Public Administration Career Roundup

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With government and nonprofit employment growing at an accelerated rate, the demand for talented and educated leaders is higher than ever. And because public sector administration skills are valued by a wide variety of government agencies, nonprofit organizations and even private corporations, a graduate degree in public administration can open up a world of opportunities and possibilities. Whether you currently work in the public sector or are thinking of a career change, an MPA degree can prepare you for a number of high-paying and in-demand public sector management jobs.
Want to learn more about the benefits of an MPA for your career? Curious about what you can do with an MPA degree? Discover the career possibilities in the public and non-profit sectors and what it takes to get there, as well the public administration salary you can expect.

Public Administration Career Roundup Infographic

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Public Administration Career Roundup by Anna Maria College

Government and nonprofit employment is growing at an accelerated rate, and the demand for talented public administrators is at an all-time high. Anna Maria College prepares public administrators for future success, setting its graduates apart as clear leaders in the field. See the careers a masters of public administration degree can get you, and how Anna Maria College can propel you to the top of your organization.

215300 Job Openings and 804000 U S Professionals are employed in public administration.

48 percent of public sector employers are hiring for new positions, 31 percent in public safety, 19 percent in public works, 14 percent in Finance and Management, and 9 percent in health services.

The average salary of public administration graduates is from 62900 to 137000 dollars.

Anna Maria College’s Master of Public Administration Program: Building on your accomplishments

Anna Maria College’s Master of Public Administration Program is taught by professionals with real world experience, is a highly customizable career building MPA Program, and is led by leaders. It offers both general public administration studies as well as specialized tracks in fire science management, emergency management, criminal justice, health care administration, and homeland security.

Do you have what it takes?

The recommended skills for a successful public administrator are leadership, communication, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, human relations, and appreciation of diverse human experience.

Who is hiring?

These industries employ the most public administrators: companies and enterprises, healthcare, local government, colleges, professional schools, and state government.

Goals of Public Administration Professionals

The goals of Public Administration professionals are equity, economy, and efficiency.

Some careers an MPA from Anna Maria College will prepare you for

  • Government Policy Analyst
    • Research social, political, religious, and financial issues
    • Make recommendations to government entities for improvements through legislation, regulation, and process controls
    • With a salary range of 32,000 to 145,000 dollars
  • Social Advocate
    • Promote various causes, such as human rights, civil liberties, and environmental protection
    • Lobby public officials for legislative, financial, and regulatory support
    • Make between 32,500 to 77,000 dollars per year
  • Grantmaking and Giving services
    • Raise money for worthy causes and distribute existing funds
    • Generally, work within a specific industry such as healthcare, education, and cultural programs
    • Make between 45,600 to 99,000 dollars per year
  • Civic Officer
    • Civic and social organizations employ 25 percent of all advocacy, grant making, and civic administration professionals
    • Make between 25,000 to 70,000 dollars per year
  • Health Care Administrator
    • Direct operations, research, communications, and charitable work of organizations
    • Typically comes from a medical background or have experience working in public policy
    • Make between 49,750 to 140,000 dollars per year
  • City Manager
    • Controls daily operations of the city departments and works with city council on budgetary issues
    • Meet with citizens and business interests
    • Varies based on cities size, experience, and degree level they can make between 43,000 to 170,750 dollars per year
      • Salaries vary greatly with size of city, experience, and degree level
  • Chief of Police
    • Reports directly to the mayor
    • Designs, manages, oversees, and evaluates all law enforcement activities in the jurisdictions
    • Make between 36,000 to 127,600 dollars per year
  • Fire Chief
    • Inspects businesses for fire hazards and ensures permit compliance
    • Estimate department’s needs, prepare a budget, control spending, and develop goals
    • Make between 100,000 and 175,000 dollars per year
  • Industrial Relations Specialist
    • Bridge communication between junior and top employees, provide advice on union management relations
    • Settles disputes involving employees, management, unions, and government agencies
    • Make between 38,000 to 59,000 dollars per year
  • Auditor
    • Oversee all business operations to ensure they align with all policies, procedures, and regulations set forth by the company and laws
    • Ensure all aspects of industry operate within corporate best practices
    • Make between 44,000 and 64,000 dollars per year

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To learn more about the online Master of Public Administration degree offered at Anna Maria College, request more information or call us today at 877-265-3201.

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