The Need for Fire Safety Leaders

According to FEMA, 4,000+ civilian home fire fatalities were reported by U.S. news media between January 2014 and September 2015. The need for leaders in fire service is booming, with career opportunities expected to grow by 6% by 2024 (900+ jobs).

Though the overall number of fires is on the decline, careers in fire safety as an Engineer, Inspector, Director, or Investigator are on the rise. These careers continue to help limit the number of fatal and costly fires by improving prevention strategies and educating the public on fire safety. Find out how continuing your education with an online Fire and Emergency Services MPA Specialization from Anna Maria College can put you on the front lines of this rewarding career field. Whether it’s improving fire safety measures for organizations, educating the community, or even developing new strategies for fire prevention, you can show off your knowledge and leadership skills to potential employers with confidence.

With the help of Anna Maria College’s infographic, “The Need for Fire Safety Leaders”, you can learn about the different firefighting career paths, allowing you to enjoy rewarding opportunities while keeping the community safe!

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