Public Administration Program Student Testimonials

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Hear from some of our online Master of Public Administration graduates as they share about their experience at Anna Maria College, the MPA program, and how it has helped them in their careers in public service and lives.

The interaction with the very diverse student group was very beneficial in gaining insight to problems that were common to many professions but with a wide variety of solutions. My advice to incoming students is to not think this is a quick and easy journey to a degree. Be prepared to work hard and perhaps harder than in a classroom environment. There is no back row in an online class. This has been an incredible journey for me personally, and I'm deeply grateful to AMC.

Phillip Ludos
MPA in Public Sector Management Graduate

The most beneficial part of the program is that you can take the courses from anywhere in the world and still get the highest quality education possible. The instructors are the same high quality instructors whether in-class or online. My advice to incoming students would be to enjoy the classes, interact with all the students and the instructor and have fun. The instructors are always there if you need help. The instructors are top notch and are an asset to the school.

Thomas Martinuk
MPA in Fire/Rescue Services Graduate

The most beneficial part of the program was the high level of instructors and interactions with other students who come from all parts of the country.

James Buchanan
MPA in Emergency Management Graduate

The flexibility that the online program affords me is the only way I would have been able to obtain my master’s degree while working full time and raising a family. My advice to incoming students would be to get into a weekly routine to complete necessary readings, discussion posts and written assignments. By keeping a routine you will stay focused and not fall behind on assignments.

Roberta Crawford
MPA in Emergency Management Graduate

The MPA-Emergency Management degree from Anna Maria has benefited me in several ways. My knowledge of both administration and emergency management was greatly enhanced. This has facilitated obtaining a new position with the Department of Homeland Security which offers both experiential and financial gains while also making my ability to lead in an administrative environment improved and more valuable. This degree has complemented my other education and experience by strengthening my resume and permitting me to advance on a personal and professional level. The most beneficial part of the program would have to be that those in the positions of instruction brought their experience and their desire to teach into the online classroom. This was evident across the spectrum and the level of responsiveness and willingness to help has been apparent from the application process to graduation. The flexibility of an online MPA program, and especially one that focuses on emergency management, was and is an invaluable asset for Anna Maria. I would advise any potential or new student to the program to approach the program with the willingness to learn and apply themselves, always remembering that the end result is to be a better asset, personally and professionally, in order to serve their families, their communities and society as a whole. Obtaining a degree is always second to gaining the knowledge, skills and abilities to make positive change.

Eugene Elliott
MPA in Emergency Management Graduate

The benefits of receiving my online graduate degree in emergency management are countless. The flexibility of the program allowed me to work my full-time job as a Sr. IT Project Manager even when I had to travel to client sites. The online degree did not “skimp” on content nor discussion sessions with the professors or classmates on subjects. The emergency management field is ever changing and is being exposed to the public due to the major events happening around the world. The most beneficial part of the program for me was the years of experience the professors had in the field. It was unreal the various backgrounds and how many of them participated in some of the most memorable and tragic events such as; 911, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and the military exposure as well. That type of experience allowed me a greater understanding and a “first hand” seat when similar events were taking place during our class sessions. The various weather changes happening around the country allowed my professor to explain the weather patterns and why such climates were taking place. The program is well rounded and I don’t think I would have gotten the type of content and experience from my classroom discussions from another program. My classmates came from various backgrounds and fields and were not shy in sharing experiences and their point of views on subjects. The whole program was a fantastic journey!

I advise incoming students to make sure they reach out to their professors. They want you to succeed and they don’t mind if you call them when you have a need for your assignments or work schedule. Participate in your online class discussions – you will be amazed at the wealth of knowledge shared among your classmates. Believe it or not, many of you will be taking the same courses along your educational path and it will feel good to “see” them online with you. This was a great educational investment.

Angela D. Grady
MS in Emergency Management Graduate

The Anna Maria online MPA degree program has allowed for further meticulation. Presently, unable to commit to a class room setting with a scheduled time to meet each week, the online program has solved this obstacle. The benefits attained through the online program are numerous ranging from furthering my educational objectives to learning additional areas of interest previously unknown. The most beneficial part of an online program is the ability to continue educational objectives which would otherwise not be achievable with a traditionally scheduled weekly classroom location. Additionally, the online setting allows for meeting, through the discussion segment, many other students from differing geographical locations. The advice for incoming students is to develop a study/participation schedule. The first few weeks of the class will establish the routine. Lastly, enjoy the class. I have never regretted making the decision to enroll in the online degree MPA program.

Jane Carlson
MPA in Emergency Management Graduate