Master of Public Administration Student Blog

I would like to commend you for taking the next step towards your educational goal. My name is Adam Strome and I have been taking online courses at Anna Maria for just over three years. I recently obtained my bachelor’s degree and I am now pursuing my master’s degree.

When searching for an online graduate program, several factors crossed my mind. Is it a “real” school; do they have a real campus with sports teams and dorms and academic buildings etc.? Do they have a real interest in academics or are they just a for profit money maker?

First and foremost you should understand one thing; an MPA is for the nonprofit sector, not private. If you are interested in the private field go for an MBA.

As a graduate student it is evident that by being able to further your education this far you have acquired enough time management skills to be successful.

If this is your first online program, start out small. Avoid overwhelming yourself with a full course load. Just take one online course during a semester to get a feel for how it all works and how well you like the program.